a space of the new sacred*

earlier writings, where I outline my ideal thoughs and ideas
NOT necessarily in tune with my current more curious approach
In the Space of the New Sacred, our individual, personal spirituality and approach to the path of life and spirit is cherished and supported.
It is a space to unfold the divine evolution that is happening
through our bodies, minds, hearts and souls.
Some find it expressed in expanding perception of the spiritual realms and the understanding of who we are and why we are here.
- As with everything new and individually perceived You may use other terms and have your own unique experience and understandings of your path and inner transformation.
The codeword here is being true to You and what You find precious!
It is a space serving any path heading for light / heart / a higher truth / sacred body / spirit / union... you name it...
It is a space to embody our spirit and wisdom,
embracing all we are and that which we can become.
A space to reach in, reach out, rich high up and deep down for connectedness.
"In the stilnees of the quiet, if we listen,
we can hear the whisper of the heart
giving strengh to the weakness,
courage to the fear, hope to despair"
~ Howard Thurman ~
A PERSONAL QUEST (in an earlier writing)
I often feel I am doing all I'm capable of to keep up with Spirit - yearning for the Big Love&Light - yearning to serve from the Source of Oneness.
My practice consists of things like: meditation, merging with nature, yoga, breathing, grounding, moving, cleansing, inner work & quests, new energy initiations, visioning, deep listening- all these callings upon the light&force - from within, from above, from mother earth..
Yet often I feel as swimming in deep waters and my heart is bleeding.
Coming across this picture from the Work That Reconnects - made me remember the importance of Grieving - the letting go and diving deep into the natural woundings of the heart.
Just now reconnecting to these feelings, shared with humanity, I instantly enter the field of 'the uplifting Big'... 
And I see how easily I do forget this human gift of deep feeling in my quest for 'what can I do!?', for hope and miracles in the world! - and how it is the doorway to Gratitude and Appreciation as a foundation for living a connected Life, a foundation and a fire of compassion and contributing from the Heart.
Meeting this connectedness from within also reconnects me to my longing for a space where we can share this deeper being and all our concerns, empowering insights and genuine hearts - what I here call a Space of the New Sacred.
Giving grief special attention here, calls me to point out that the whole wide spectrum of feelings and sensations is welcomed. 
When I need an embodied presence I trust the body and my human heart to catch my attention - as it did today.
As well as sometimes it seems just right to just bypass feelings connected to our human nature.
I know from experience how powerful it can be stepping into our higher being together - maybe calling upon higher frequencies / out of body spiritual beings to be here with us - and how meaningful it can feel to do this 'work' of letting go / raising frequencies/ following intuitions and a channelled hunches - together.
It is one of my hearts callings to do more of this 'energy being work' together.
I feel we do it every time we meet from a higher level of longings - or the 'what am I here for' speaks back to me from beyond.
Aligning with the energetical truth often 'pays back' instantly or along the way in how the flow is opening magic doors of manifestation.
Let us honour - both the human fields of feeling, though, sensation, manifestation AND what often has been denoted spiritual / holy, the field of energy/belief/ subtle experience - and include them equally in our space of the sacred.
 ~ hannah ~ 
* I allow myself here to take use of old terms in my own ways.
For me 'sacred' means that it holds a certain quality of truth beyond my rational mind and control. That it holds a quality that resonates  deep in my heart and my being. 
The sacredness have good grounds to arise within me when I'm supported by a genuine, respectful, honoring atmosphere in the subtle field we create when we're together.
And something 'sacred beyond us' may enter the room and provide guidance and felt knowledge.
You may wish to ask yourself - what is sacred to You!?
Writing is progress ⚗️
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