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info & initiatives - right now

When the weather is mild - please let me know if you intend to come!
Sundays 8-10, Thursdays 9-11

MORNING QUEST with nature and quiet zone at the house (you're welcome earlier)

- you are welcome to bring your breakfast, but please eat (smack and rattle :-) outside the silent zone
Plates, cups, cutlery, cold and boiled water available.

CIRCLE sharing possible after silent time 

In the morning, as often as the weather allows, I sit here in shelter of the house, with a view to the morning sky - connecting within and with nature.
It is a special spot on the planet.
The whole area holds a special energy.
We are right next to the streams of Gudenå and Sukkertoppen - with birds of prey, wild birds, singing birds  - and sometimes a morning meditation with the horses.
horses and goats are nature maintainers - by Klostergård Natur, our neighbor and landlord
All this I would love to share - in a shared, sensitive field.

The idea is to keep a 'silent zone'
- at the small terrace facing east and the gable facing more north - where the sun can reach us in the morning.
It is often completely quiet here - no sound of people. However, there may be some external noise that we must include. The house lies just a bit withdrawn from the public road (on the west/north side) and the not-public dirt road runs right by the house - leading into the nature area and some residence.
After the silence time, those who want can gather in the circle
- somewhere outside or inside.
If you wish to join, please notify before 8pm the day before
(there may be days where I'm elsewhere)
NB you can use the space as early as you like or arrive later - as long as the 'no talk' outside is respected.
Kitchen and toilet in the house will be open from 8am/9am.
Use the white door by the lawn on the side facing the road.
Parking at Sukkertoppen's parking lot, Vilholtvej
8-10 min. walk from the red house,
which is on google maps as:  RoomWithoutRoof 
Only if mild wind!
e.g. check the weather on for Gammel Rye, Denmark
The house may provide some shelter from wind. Windproof clothes will do the rest. In case of a bit of rain we have a small parasol and umbrella - or maybe bring your own.
Warmly welcome 
After a period of very little external activity and internal turbo, concrete ideas have slowly and unpredictably begun to come to life in the interactive reality.
Here you will find more information and intitatives.
☆ a soul•in•life lab - based on mutuality
non-profit circles, nature, safespace
- it is for you who feel in line with the basic thoughts
(allthough maybe not all aspects are equally important to you)
- you who follow your own ways
- who wish to co-create the space, maybe realize your own ideas.
- before held at the time of full moon
Into The Voice
- is to create connection between feeling, sensing and the voice,
allowing our deeper being / higher presence to come into life through sound. 
It is of no cost to join the circle.
The only prerequisite is a desire to go deeper through the voice and share and listen from the heart. And all in all, co-create a sensitive and supportive space where the individual's integrity is respected.
QUEER SPIRIT - its wisdom and wonders
 - an invitation to connect and maybe arrange an in-person meeting or online circle
 - a quest and an opportunity to share and express ourselves from our inner worlds and sensations
ALL YEAR by arrangement with hannah
RoomWithoutRoof in the caminion, in nature or online 
is a space for eksistential/essential sharing & processing,
intuitiv ping-pong, fun
and whatever comes from the heart
with your process is in focus 

Currently the Caminion is located at the little red house
near Sukkertoppen

Or let's meet online - one on one or in a group setting
seeds-of-the-new | Sukkertoppen, Søhøjlandet, Midtjylland - DENMARK