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everything is new here and shapes itself along the way in constant movement 
- maybe with you as a co-creator!?
feedbacks determines the time and place for initiatives
OPEN ALL YEAR by agreement with hannah
RoomWithoutRoof in the caminion, in nature or online 
is a space for eksistential/essential sharing & processing,
intuitiv ping-pong, fun
and whatever comes from the heart
with your process is in focus 

Currently the caminion is located at the little red house near Sukkertoppen

Or let's meet online - one on one or in a group setting
Can become a reality with you joining in!?
Queer Spirit - its wisdom and wonders
 - an invitation to connect and maybe arrange a physical or online circle meeting 
7.- 8. October gives a possibility to gather, surrounded by nature for 1-2 days
 - a quest and an opportunity to share and express ourselves from our inner worlds and sensations
New Earth - New Me Quest
- crossing ancestry and age 
New date coming up!
Let me know if and when you are interested.
The red house at Sukkertoppen near Gl.Rye (DK)
Into The Voice peer-to-peer Circle
- is to create connection between feeling, sensing and the voice,
allowing our deeper being / higher presence to come into life through sound. 
It is free to join.
The only prerequisite is a desire to go deeper through the voice and share and listen from the heart. And all in all, help create a sensitive and supportive space where the individual's integrity is respected.
seeds of the new - spaces of the new sacred | Sukkertoppen, Søhøjlandet, Midtjylland - DENMARK