Being part of a quest circle

○ is to be seen and witnessed
○ to see and witness

Is to dive into the question..
○ who am I
if I allowed myself to be what I am!?
- and allow what is in me to unfold in the moment - in its own expression

Is to create
○ a listening / exploring / expressing / evolving / energetically sensitive space
○ a space that we mutually create from heart and integrity;
where we are given and give undisturbed focus; receive and give feedback when agreed upon
○ a RoomWithoutRoof
- that embraces all we are and what we bring
- where we take responsibility for ourselves and the field - and we may need to take into account people outside the circle.
Circle Quest here at Sukkertoppen - outdoors in nature / indoors by the fire stove - is an option all year round.
We can arrange the next time/place together.
Sukkertoppen at the January fool moon
Where we
- connect within / connect outside
- are witnessed on our path
- seek to let the heart take the lead in every challenge, in everything we give, in all that we are..
These are thoughts for inspiration - the present moment and the composition of people will have its own unique content and flow.
Are we the magical seeds of our time!?
of different colors, ages, origins; with different fear and love languages, queer and quirky corners and spiritual orientations...
- embodying a New World through us!

What will happen when we freely express ourselves!? 
- when we dare to show up in truth, be open-minded, imperfect, vulnerable, loving and caring, occasionally in magical sync!?

THIS IS AN INVITATION to being, sharing, listening, unfolding, transforming - within the supportive framework of the circle.

An invitation to co-create a common field ~ A SPACE for our processes and for unfolding that which can only come into play in a responsive space with others.
It is an invitation to search deeper and share from what is in you - perhaps bring in something from heart, soul, body that is particularly close/dear/urgent to you.

THE SHARED FIELD - the invisible space/energy between us - means everything to how deep, true, free we can go.

The field is woven by what each one brings to the space, and the mental attitude we carry within.

Some supportive approaches could be:
~ the intent to become present ~ to express oneself and show responsiveness from the heart ~ embrace the light and the dark - all that we are ~ let projections/ judgmental thoughts/ good advice be a mirror to oneself ~ celebrate diversity and interconnectedness ~ take responsibility for the field by e.g. share that which calls to be shared - no more/no less.

The circle is a confidential space, and we can make it spacious; make it a space that allows 'nothing' to appear and a space where transformation, light and magic can find its own ways...

The circle offers each of us an undisturbed, attentive time and to be withnessed.
The principle 'a leader in every chair', gives everyone the opportunity to include ones own truth, needs, ideas and other contributions.
It is a framework that supports you in being you and staying true to yourself.

Maybe you bring something that can be brought into play!?

I - HANNAH - or someone else who has got the feel for it, can facilitate the start up and tuning in.
From here the circle will find its own flow. | Sukkertoppen, Søhøjlandet, Midtjylland - DENMARK