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Dreaming New Eden

We are Dreamers ~ We are Artists ~We are Co-Creators  
Dreaming New Eden knows that anything is possible, that magic is alive and well, and miracles are abounding! 
If only our hearts and minds are open, our thoughts, words, and actions aligned, and our gratitude all-embracing.
We understand that our potential for visioning the world and becoming co-creators is not only our birthright, but our responsibility as stewards of this sweet Earth.
Dreaming New Eden is about dreaming our new world courageously. It’s about realizing and manifesting our heart’s holiest desires within a safe and sacred space. It’s about creating beauty, creating community, creating new pathways and growing a whole new way of being. There are as many different ways to dream as there are dreamers. We dream at night when we sleep, we dream in the daytime when we let our imaginations guide us. We dream by consciously “stepping out of Time” – taking a break from our busy everyday schedules and entering an open, unplanned space, where limitless possibilities are free to unfold.
At Dreaming New Eden, we dream through Creativity. We dream through Art, through Poetry, through Ceremony.
About Zia
Zia is an initiate of the Q’ero medicine lineage of Peru and has trained in the indigenous alchemy of the Inkan medicine wheel. She has dedicated her life to one of loving service, helping us reconnect with the sweet web of life through silence and stillness and a deep sense of gratitude for All that Is. 
Zia’s message is that we are all natural ceremonialists if only we tune into the language of our own heart. When we bring our whole heart to ceremony and express it within sacred space, magic takes place! We are all being called to return to our indigenous and shamanic roots at this time, to remember our ancient roles not only as stewards of the land, but as living bridges between earth and sky, sky and earth.
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I dream a New Eden
A great Garden of empowered creatures co-creating from their Hearts
A Rainbow Garden -
Who knew there were so many colours, so many forms of flowers, so many fragrances?
Imagine the birds of this Paradise, all the sacred stones, plants, animals
All the rare and exotic fish of this sacred place
Where we all love so, and feel so loved
Where we love the deepest darkest parts of ourselves just as much as we love our light
Where we drink from pure flowing wellsprings
Where we breathe fresh living air
Where nourishing food nourishes each and every one of us
Where there is sooo much abundance, none of us need ever want for anything
Where everyone is a Dreamer a Healer a Lover and a Teacher
Where there is a perfect balance of space and community
Imagine the joyous ceremonies where we celebrate this Heart Garden and all who live here
Where we celebrate the union of Heaven and Earth
And all the different ways we can express our deepest, most ecstatic Gratitude
How we dance here, how we sing, how we pray, how we sit silently
Imagine all the beautiful tones of our laughter, the sweet music of a new language unfolding…
Welcome to Dreaming New Eden!
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