noget er skrevet på dansk her - noget på engelsk og du er altid velkommen på dit sprog

This is a call to co-create

a space for our inner seeds to unfold - a supportive circle of free spirit

- a haven for the process and our diverse, quirky corners.

It is for us who seek to listen deeply for guidance - each seeking ones own experience and attunement
to a path aligned with a higher vision for planet Earth.
It is a dream about companionship through ups & downs, trials & triumphs
- a mutual witnessing, encouraging and empowering, a changing circle of like-hearted souls.
We hold in our shared field the belief that all is connected,
that each individual is unique and significant - in the circle as well as in the bigger picture
and that being seen in our humanness and in the perspective of ones higher potential
helps us unfold as beings of heart, spirit and matter.

what we transform inside & in our circles - circles the world 

seeds of the new - lived & individually perceived spirituality | Sukkertoppen, Søhøjlandet, Midtjylland - DENMARK