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wisdom and wonders of queer spirit

You are invited for a spacious and caring quest
into your inherent queer heart and wisdom 
An inherent sense of multible wisdoms and wonders of gender fluidity and queerness call me to invite to connect and maybe meet in a physical or online circle...
Queerness for me is associated with the spirit that follows an open interplay with the entire color spectrum, which naturally contains the feminine and masculine energies in free play.
- so excact formulated by this artist, articist and messenger
picture and message by hudhaus - the queer sol collective
In-person gathering!?
If there is a mutual feel for it, I can offer a 1-2 days retreat October 7.- 8. 2023
Here we are surrounded by nature - in the hilly lakeland of central Jutland DK - Søhøjlandet.
Please let me know if you are interested. We will set the times and practicalities from this feed-back.
Content and form of a gathering will be molded from what we all bring in.
RoomWithoutRoof - open space suggests a setting for gathering.
Please note: I probably won't be responding to your call/writing between September 23. - October 1.
seeds of the new - spaces of the new sacred | Sukkertoppen, Søhøjlandet, Midtjylland - DENMARK