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Those where the words presented to me when I recently connected with the Lemurian Motherhood. It is a message of the sacred divine feminine energy awakening within humanity now. This sacred divine energy is carried within human beings in the lineage all the way back to Lemuria where our starmothers from the Pleiades seeded it in our DNA. Throughout time this sacred energy has been lying dormant in our DNA strings and all the cells of the body, waiting to be activated and awakened. The time for this awakening is now.

The souls on Earth destined to experience this inner awakening feel this inner calling more than ever as we stand on the threshold to the new Golden Age.
It is the awakening of the all loving, nurturing, mothering energy carried within the human design. This energy will finally set humanity free from the old destructive masculine paradigm characterized by control, manipulation, fear, scarcity and power used by the egoic mind of humanity.

The sacred divine feminine is of oneness, collaboration, receptivity, love, compassion, care, giving and nurture for the benefit of all human beings and the highest good for all. This energy breaks down the old negative egoic structure in human beings characterized by focusing only on personal goals, benefits and achievements and awakens the seeds of divinity and oneness in the collective human field.

As you awaken to this truth of who you are, an infinite being carrying within the frequencies of the stars and the all loving creator, things will start to change in your life and the lives of others, because it is the souls who awaken now that will help the rest of humanity to awaken and activate these seeds of divinity and the sacred divine feminine energy within. It will spread like rings in the water to the rest of humanity and be a catalyzer of a greater awakening in the collective field which in the end will result in the ascension of humanity and planet Earth.

The souls awakening to this truth now is going through a tremendous inner transformation which will affect their lives in many ways and areas. You can no longer be who you used to be before your awakening and you might experience being in an empty void until you have fully integrated the new you. Old feelings and traumas may arise very strongly inside of you and you might feel like this will be the death of you. But fear not beloveds, it is a part of your transformation. It is an inner death and a goodbye to the old way of being. It is a goodbye to the old paradigm.

Through this death you shall rise again like a fearless phoenix rising from the ashes and step into a new you and a whole new way of being in the world. It is a being of pure love and compassion for yourself and others. This is the way of the sacred divine feminine rising on Earth.

With love and the deepest honor of your journey beautiful soul
Savannah (Savannah Moon) | Sukkertoppen, Søhøjlandet, Midtjylland - DENMARK