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silent duty

La Bruijta Curandera
There are “epidemics,” wars, and violence going on the surface of the Earth at the moment, and everything seems dark and hopeless.
But at the same time, something quiet and calm is happening ... some people are called by a higher Light.
A revolution is taking place from the inside out, from the bottom up ... a global operation ... a spiritual reunion. This operation has SEEDS in every nation on the planet.
You won’t see them on TV, you won’t hear their words on the radio, you won’t read about them in the newspapers.
They are not seeking glory
They don't wear uniforms.
They are available in all shapes and sizes.
They have individual habits and colors.
Most work anonymously.
Quietly behind the scenes, the world is all
in their culture in their current habitat.
Big and small cities, mountains and
valleys, authorities, villages,
tribes and remote islands ... with a good
chance you can meet them on the street and
you don’t buy notice nothing special.
Because they're always in disguise ...
and they don't care them to reap the laurels of
the for results ... And they really just do the
work.From time to time they meet each other
in on the street, exchanging recognizing
glances and they continue their journey with a
smile of joy on their faces.
During the day, many disguise themselves as usual with their ordinary work, but behind appearances real deep and arduous work is going on.
Some people who know this are invisible
service ... they are called:
"Army of Consciousness"
and "Warriors of Light."
They are slowly building a new world, their hearts and minds with their strength ... with joy and passion. Soft love bombs are scattered without anyone would notice: poems, hugs, music, photos, movies, loving words,
meditations and prayers, dances, social
activism, building pages, blogs, benevolent
actions ...Because they know and feel the world need LOVE. They are expressed in a unique and personal way themselves and inspire other people to help awaken their consciences and to share their talents and gifts with love ...

seeds-of-the-new | Sukkertoppen, Søhøjlandet, Midtjylland - DENMARK