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why I invite!? - my personal story

"Connected with my souls journey - I feel my "I" to be connected to a greater "WE" 
It is centered around the embodyment of soul, ~ aiming to raise the perspective, ~ raising the frequencies of Earth.
But of course my little me and heavier energies shows its face as part of the story.
I especially feel my issues in this process of becoming visible in the world.
Putting all these I's and me's and big thoughts out here, still embarrasses my little me a little
- as I wasn't raised to break the Jante Law. (our very Danish code, NOT to stand out from the crowd and NOT to put your head too high)
At the same time - breaking patterns - seems to be a crusial part of my job here on this planet.
My personal issues are intertwined with my embodyment of soul.
E.g. it has caused me to stay away from social alliances build on hierarchy.
E.g. holding a strong sense for discrepancy between the mask we wear and truth beneat, 
leads me to only let the maskless touch me.
This adds a loneliness to the aloneness - but I see it shifting through this work of creating room for healthy relating and all that I am.
Our shared personal issues may breed empathy and connect us.
But beyond that there is a level of light in its own right. That is where my quirky universe has its outspring.
What motivates me to continue this intentional call for kindred spirits
is my longing for radical aliveness
and to process what I am here to do / to be / to become / to unfold and to learn...
I wish to cross the barriers of my own conditioned thinking by allowing 'what is' to come forth.
Discover that which lies beneath/beyond the surface.
I seek where the freshness, the newness arises that are clues to a greater truth - a new era.
Knowing from myself, that often the most shadowy places is where the golden treasures, the magic is hidden... 
~ in that which is likely not to be accepted in the society and in that which sometimes can be hard to accept and love in myself and in others.
It takes a journey..
And I need to make space for that!
I need to be with others to unfold that which otherwise wouldn't come into being.
And as much as my daily practice is only dependent on my own discipline I sometimes need to lean into a field of support and inspiration.
I sometimes need to be met in my human fragilities as well as my super powers
~  to become an integrated being, able to stand soft, empathetic and strong in the jungle..~ perform my magic in the eye of the storm!
Having been most of a lifetime on this journey, I'd also love to act as mentor and hold a space for those who feel a match  
- always in a perspective of equal worth and exchange.
Some of my facilitating tools are intuitive, interactive listening ~ crazyfun ~ deepening presence.
I often feel my real contribution comes through in times of crisis
~ spirit awakens when life's on the edge..
But we can turn ANY meeting into a mutually nurturing space ~ me/we BEING the change ~ here and now ~ ALIVE on planet Earth."
~ I see myself
as quirk enrolled in my own universe,
as gueer in spirit,
                                 as a pioneer on a sacred mission
as something magical I'm about to rediscover 
wanting to allow who I am, what I know,
what comes through
to unfold.
I too need others
to unfold what otherwise wouldnt come into being,
I too am a human
needing to lean into a field of support
for a while 
to stand soft and strong in the jungle.
"I love simplicity, I love a little mess and a lot of nature. 
I don't need a fancy setup ~ I just need a room
with embracing hearts and no roof for my spirit to fly freely.
A space to nourish my inner wild, my depths, my fun, my shine.
Where I can uncover that which is growing in me.
Where from my guiding light within,
I can see the light in others as an extension of me
and take a break from my chosen aloneness"
"I have a sence that the world is transforming through our individual, inner transformation. 
Perhaps You too
sence being part of an undercurrent of these times
~ changing us ~ changing everything we know of!?
Through these spectacles my task  for now is merely the process
to become my big ME / be me aligned with my higher being.
Through this presence in interrelation to all lies a purpose beyond action.
And sometimes I feel that all I can do is to breathe into this
~ and that is all it takes...
Embodying different kinds of energies of soul and spirit, 
much is a blindfold mystery that reveals itself along the way - step by step.
Among many things - this journey is causing disorientation, the grief at loosing, the lift by letting go,
the fears and wonders of the void and the unknown....
Norm breaking resources of my heart hold
articism ~ caring anarchy ~ cosmic creation
sometimes by coincidence I act as a catalyst ~ perform energetical alchemy ~ magic,
all in all being more airborn, than earth bound..
I worship spending deep time with beings from different corners of the multifacious spectrum. 
 What motivates me to continue this intentional call for kindred spirits
is my soul's longing for radical aliveness and to do, what I am here to do!
This I cannot do entirely on my own..
AND my human heart needs to feel companionship and togetherness on new levels.
It beats to engage in life and fellow beings from a new outspring
- trusting our joined journey to be a profound part of the mystical path of each one of us
~ as well as a significant part of the path of planet Earth.
Among the manyfold possibilities showing in real life,
I invite to one-on-one/small group settings,
where I may act as a mentor - in the perspective of mutual inspiration.
Having been most of a lifetime (I guess) on this journey
I'd love to hold space for those who feel a match.
For me ANY exchange is a part of my growing and giving back,
me/we BEING the change ~ here and now ~ ALIVE on planet Earth.
~ hannah
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