preparing for the allowance


The key to the deeper voice
- for me
Is the same as the key to my heart
- the key to soul and spirit
Only I can decode its secret & sacred combination

OUR FIELD OF POSSIBILITY - is made from what each one of us brings to the circle of lived and not yet lived potential - we will inspire, influence and support each other from our connections with different aspects of energy and life.
We can create room and opportunity to express the diversety of challenges, quests, gifts and conditions we hold in our diversity as spirited humans. A space where the seemingly ordinary is equated with each ones unique perceptive and vibration.

Telling you - if you somehow feel a call to go into deeper levels of your voice - whereever you are in your process, however you feel - please don't let it stop you from joining - make it inspire you!
I know! - sometimes it just flows - other times it can seem out of reach.
Just bare in mind that the intention we have for ourselves and the space will somehow support us in the process.
Your intentions may hold different perspectives than the ones I mention here
- they are all merely welcome.
Inspiration gained from
The voice can bring us into 
Gratitude - focusing on what we love in life and aim to spread - reminds us of what nourish and empower us.
Honouring our pains - takes us deeper and brings compassion.
Devotion - where our love lies - connects us to the web of life - the spiritual web of healing powers
Bringing forth - is to show attentiveness towards how to bring the insights gained in the circle into the coming time.
We may end our time together sharing our voices from what arose in the circle.
To carry a clear intention is known to support the proces and to help evoke the intented. 
In the circle we may formulate an overall intention together. 
Besides we may wish to set an intention for ourselves ≈ a greater good.
Our egos, our drive for personal achievement can be very persistent in its desires, but may not support the truth of heart.
Intentions from the heart and higher mind, in my sense, alighn me with a deeper truth and are helped through by my spiritual support team - often to an outcome of great surprice.
You may use other words or correspond with other beliefs and realizations.
Connecting with the deeper voice in not about technique
 it is about
presence, inner connection, allowance and the will to share
from the precious, maybe vulnerable inner treasury.
Yet - technically speaking
- conscious BREATHING and TONING will take us far.
'Breath' is a powerfull way to connect - with the energy of emotions, with spirit (åndedraget, som bærer ånden)
'Toning' (putting a tune to the breath) convey the connection between energy & voice / feeling & voice
It may take some practice to sense and allow the voice to do this dance of vibration.
At some point this or other conscious practice may be helpful to merge our inner dephts with the quality of the voice.
Behind our unavoidable shields I see the union of our voice and essence as a quality natural to our deeper being.
- sensing the now - our startingpoint
In the circle we will see what kind of tuning in is needed in this particular constellation of people and processes. 
We may somehow create a deepening process of connecting to sensation, sensitivity, heart & essence in the moment - and from this set our individual and shared intentions. 
If we tune in and prepare ourselves before the time of circle, we might be taken further.
As preparation before or in the circle
you may wish to look into yourself for a core engagement.
From this a song, an energy, a feeling may show itself that you feel holds a potential to bring to the circle - to investigate through voice - words, tone, sound, song...
Or the other way round
maybe a song, lyrics or another impression pops up that touches you. Maybe just a tiny hint will expose itself as something that will reveal a deeper meening through voice.
You may have someone else choosing a song or a task for you - and then give yourself to it.

Putting the question -
(or - what is going on inside - what do I feel - what calls me
- notice what comes first to your mind!
That often is IT - meaning the starting point of investigation.
There are no rights or wrongs. The harmonious/ disharmonious, 'beautiful'/'ugly', connected/disconnected goes with being human.
The inner truth of the moment - the trust in intuition and sensation - is the way.
A reason why I call you to create this experimental playground with me, is that I beleive that we will evoke sides of us not possible in other settings. That we influence and support each other in different ways,
eg. in expanding our borders - in including others and integrating shadow sides of ourselves - that we start loving and healing ourselves. And through our interconnectedness heal a wider world.
My visionairy and idealistic spirit calls for these new community ways to interact, mutually support each other and create space for individual and common unfolding.
One step needed is courage
- to take a step out of the comfort zone - out of comparing myself to others or past highlights of my own expression.
Another is acceptance - of the inner movements of expansion/contraction, connection/disconnection, balance/unbalance, any ups and downs - and let it show and transform through voice.
Yet another is to realize that our voices actually matter - and embrace the seeming sense of powerlessness in a wider world perspective >< embrace my responsibility to take my place in the global circle and bring in my soul's contribution. 
Sound is creational energy - even the softest of soft, the barely audible sound through voice can convey a profound transformative power.
In using voice intentionally I carry a responsability - it needs to arise from heart and deeper/higher wisdom.
In finding our unique ways to wisdom, we need to feel in a safe space, sense an unconditionally back up.
We need to look into how we block our flow of source through eg.
- judging - performing - comparing.
And create another agenda, another arena,
where we can support the unique voice of each individual and that which we create together. | Sukkertoppen, Søhøjlandet, Midtjylland - DENMARK