I wasn't raised to sit in circles - I first learned its old ways from a Native American elder who had a free style attitude towards using the old wisdom in the contemporary world.
For me - the circle is a space where we give time, attention and integrity to each other. Where we witness and feel witnessed on our path.
It can be strictly structured for each to have their own sacred space to deepen and unfold - or we keep it more loose with room for interaction and spontaneous flow - it can alternate and take its shape based on the truth of the moment.
The intend of the invitationen may point to flow with/without structures – and the spirit of today and our unique constellation of temperaments and inner treasures will show its ways.
an earlier writing
Meeting in a CIRCLE with intention is the most simple and powerfull practise I know - and the most safe and inspirering ground for my adventure in opening to love and finding who I am and who I can be, why I am here in this world.
It may not always be WHO I am with
but HOW we are together that matters!
I've looked (a lot) for my peers and likeminded - a tribe - a soul family,
to mirror my energies and light, my spark and my challenges.

My experience have been that if I find ONE person that interact with energies and idéas central to me I AM BLESSED! 
This longing may never go away, but the need for mutual inspiration and comfort in the heart by feeling safe, seen and witnessed can ve fulfilled even with others seemingly not my soul mates. 
Meeting in personal sharing circles is for me the closest I've come to the feeling of human family - and soul family.
It is a space that hold the caring intentions for me as individual, the other and the whole (I have decribed it elsewhere) 
Almost everytime when we meet under the umbrella of these principles and values I've come to feel at home at heart - and have come to see the other members of the circle today as my family. 
Trusting that no matter who we are - how many we are -  excactly these people - THIS constellation is revealing exactly what I and everyone need today.
Letting go of how the others or the space should be like, I have found almost every circle A HEART-OPENER and have been grateful to be part of this reality.
Being given focus - (even it the others don't understand my sharing) - this attention helps me enter my own truth, power and love for myself.
In the circle space, I feel clearly when I am fake to myself, maybe try to teach or inspire, try to be liked ... IT DOES NOT WORK
What works is my own pure truth standing in both the shiny sides as well as the dark shadows that come to the surface when I feel the space of support and spaciousness.
Sometimes you feel the subtle spaciousness lacking, but even then - when the circle is not trained or matured into holding a purer energyfield of non judgement - I will meet myself and learn about myself.
When I come to rest in my own deeper truth - come to ease with my inner judgement apparent outer judgement vanish and I stand strong - as so I guess it is for everyone. 
When in the circle we allow 'what is', we grow together in truth and when we along the way cleanse the space of disturbing, unsaid projections - our hearts can open to find true compagnionship.
To me this is what motivates me to go on working on my inner shadows and committing myself to take a step into unknown and at times scary lands of relation.
As an anarchistic, responsible loner I feel strongly the restrictions and suppression of cultural codes of status and inequality we find in most societies. Boxes are restricting for everyone playing their matching roles.
In the circle- maybe by just knowing and leaning into the principles here - I choose to give in from another code in me that matches the wisdom of my heart and equals me with others.
By our common decoding/recoding this field becomes real. 

The circle way, form and principles of course can be used for many things. 
I've been in circles that barely touched me. They were not appealing to my hearts passion
This is probably why I need to use so many words and invite for these specific circles that carry and hold my field of intention.
It is my passion to share and spread this paricular space into the wider world as my inner unfolding contribute to the field of the circle as well as to the whole.
HANNAH | Sukkertoppen, Søhøjlandet, Midtjylland - DENMARK