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Room Without Roof

Everything you see here is a path in motion - a mirror of my human and spiritual process 
RoomWithoutRoof is a space of the new sacred, where our individual spirituality and approach to our path is cherished
- a place to embody our spirit and wisdom, embracing all we are in the unfolding of a new consciousness - in the birthing of a New Earth.
The name is inspired by the rythm and song of Pharrell Williams
 "HAPPY" - clap along if you feel
 like a room without a roof...
The words and the music makes me feel free and all-inclusiveky alive.
Now - for me - to create a space where this is likely to occur  - that's what it's about...
A supportive frame where I freely can follow my inner guidance and take note of the impact of others
- through body, voice, words, energy - discover, rewild, reconnect to my whole self - and unfold this new me that otherwise is only a hunch, a state of being indescribable.
At the same time it is a space to come to like myself as well as come to like others and sometimes evoke the heart that opens to the love of life and acknowledgement of the path I'm on.
From experience I find this likely to occur when we meet in an unmasked setting open to all our languages of expression - in and beyond words. And bring our inherent wisdom and spirit to the body- to the space. 
seeds of the new - spaces of the new sacred | Sukkertoppen, Søhøjlandet, Midtjylland - DENMARK