An umbrella of mind and spirit in process

In search of a shared story.
I invite you to bring your heart and spirit to the field of words.
Along the way we will form and change the stories
that work for each of us as well as between us.
Please accept my current text here as an initial, ongoing process.
To embody our ideals and hearts desires is a process that moves as we move.
That which we cannot achieve or live up to right now - shows a vision,
a guiding direction...
As each of us brings our part to the field,
a new world narrative is being created.
RoomWithoutRoof holds a vision of a non-profit, offline/online circulating local and global community.
- for You who seek to contribute to a whole new world from heart, soul, body and magical collaboration
A room for rooting our seeds of heart, soul, spirit 
A sensitive, witnessing and permitting room for confidential sharings and freeing expression -
deepening presence, conversations and circles 
Celebrating diversity and our queer and quirky corners of the universe 
Exploring new ways 
of relating, aligning with that which individually guides us
Supporting conscious awakening.
Seeking the wisdom and discernment of heart, body spirit to take lead 
Mental peace and resilience 
Strengh at heart
Wisdom of body 
Spark of spirit 
Allowing everything to unfold from individual perception
Coming from own experience - mirrored in others -
in uncovering our true nature and what we're here for, we may feel it to be a lonely road..
WELCOMING the compagnionship, the dephts and the easy going fun with like-hearted.
as creative beings
~ in growing awareness of energy and interconnectedness
~ in an inner/spiritual transformation
(repeatedly - loosing ground, meeting the pains, letting go, staying in the void, having sudden insights, meeting our higher being, needing a lot of self-care)
~ as part of cosmic creation
(unfolding it's multifarious ways through each one of us.. may be in the fields of energy, - in the creative/questing expression, - through the little/big things in life, - through..?)
☆ to listen ☆ heal ☆ find freedom at heart ☆ bring meaning to the wild journey 
☆ to connect, process and transform ☆ to lean into the moment and find our answers, steps and treasures from here
☆ to allow our greater potentials to unfold in its own time and expression 
We may meet in trust that what needs to unfold will do so from everyones awareness in the moment - and anyone taking lead will intend to follow the flow of the present.

~ all kinds of languages and expressions - arts and energies
~ all kind of processes
that brings us to acceptance of any aspect of the journey, that move us towards our higher being, the dephts and spark of life.
~ all narratives, any myth, any story
that connects us to ourselves and our relations on all levels.
In listening for higher guidance, staying with feeling, exploring our new narratives and ways of relating to each other and the wholeness of being
we will bring forth our contribution to a new world spirit | Sukkertoppen, Søhøjlandet, Midtjylland - DENMARK