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how to present myself?

written some time ago 
Presentations are difficult for me. I am a changing unit in a changing reality on a changing earth. My story is an ever changing story.
Throughout my life I have not identified much with the narratives of the common world, yet they sometimes get a grip on me that keeps me stuck in the limited world view of the mind. It makes it urgent and true for me to let sensations of body, heart and higher realms take the lead.
I am learning to honor the human processes of psyche and body and let the energy shine through the ordinary.
To embody spirit and unfold a new way of being human is part of why I see myself to be on planet Earth. For now the "how" seems to mainly go through simple presence.
What I present here are fragments of my story
in movement over time. 
What/who I see and have seen myself to be...
a magic being in a fusioned field of energy & light
a queer spirit in a transmuting energy body
a clown in command of subtle scenarios
a challenging aging timeline
living along the edge
walking barefoot by the water
dwelling in the cave
falling apart, fooling around, listening,
fearing, getting stuck, diving deep,
facing what is,
releasing, unfolding
in the naked fields of humanness
in subtle color plays of light
in a new wholeness 
learning to love anew
a new me, my world, the void
to face this face
is to know the solitude
is to be on the journey
is to dance with your rainbow
Should you wish to read more on me -  and the tools I've used on my journey so far - go to hannahs columne
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