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how to present myself?

 Around 7.7.2023 ≈ 7.7.7 portal 
Again, again I land in recognition of a new turn.
I saw it coming but wasn't ready to give in. 
These days a new feel of reality is becoming more real than ever before. 
Much of this website was created in a back and forth between old and new ways of thinking and experiencing the world. Trying to find the balance that could hold both perspectives. 
Today I no longer feel it possible. I am more than ever driven to yield to the trust that all that is needed will unfold inside/around me/us in due time.
The continuous process is to deepen my relationship with spirit and my higher self and its/their guidance. 
And again, again, my overall fokus and perspective might change.
We'll see... once we see what is to come.
What follows here may or may not currently be relevant in my process and yet I'll leave it. 
All in all I have to accept that this website can never keep up with my inner transformations.
And instead of trying I believe it's about time to fill my precious time with wise action. Often the writing has kept me in a state of the logic mind leaving out the magic of being present.

Presentations are difficult for me. I am a changing unit in a changing reality on a changing earth and I am taking my first steps from focus on my big "I" into experiencing the oneness and interdependency in the big "WE" - which probably more and more will mirror itself on these pages.
Looking back I've nurtured the expression of my soul through body, voice, poetic, humorous & magic creation. It has felt like a higher quest to unfold this big "I" and spread its light.
(Queersol, unknown artist)
a queer and quirky spirit
- human after all
Alongside these callings - my path has brought me into our common human psykological and existential issues. 
My feel of being more a spiritual than a bodily being has coloured my ways in this world - continuously seeking embodiment - a fusion of body and soul.
On the more practical side I've been hosting circles, naturegathering and one on one deepenings.
But then and up till now I do not find an ID in my doings - I could call myself human, alien, queer, quirky, alive - introvert and highly performative when spirit strikes me.
At times magical energy expresses itself through me and release & healing may occur through the energy of presence, touch & new stories.

It nourishes my heart when I meet up with others in unmasked settings.
Comfortable on the edge, walking the line.
Uncomfortable with stuck thinking and business as usual.
I envision many more chances in my life to listen, serve, express, exchange in mutuality, heart & spirit.
May it strenghen my spark of living and the unfoldment of my soul in body.
May it strenghen the spark and unfoldment of all souls on my way and beyond
and the unfoldment of a new loving reality and a new living earth.
seeds of the new - spaces of the new sacred | Sukkertoppen, Søhøjlandet, Midtjylland - DENMARK