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my BACK UP TEAMS longing and vision

My journey has taken me through a long ride of aloneness. The ones to support me on my souls mission being more of the upper worlds. At times easy to ignore and feeling deeply alone.
Someone named it our SPIRIT TEAM and I love that image.
But as well as my spirit team, LIFE is here to back me up - if I allow it.
The people, the circumstances I meet are the mirrors, the inspirations, the provocations that help me finding who I am, what I am here for - and some may be here for us to support each other in fulfilling our scheduled missions - in individual or shared settings.
I have always longed for and looked for my people/clan/soul mates. And I believe they have come in different disguises - not always recognized in the present moment, not matching the stories of my mind. 
Accepting that my journey goes along with accepting who I'm with. It has been my key to this longing of finding my true family.
Now for at least a decade my inner transformations have given way for a huge letting go of old relational attachments. And I've felt content in the isolation, not being able to take part in the line ups of the old world anymore.
But now I feel I have come to a point where the aloneness becomes a hide and not truly holds the treasures to move forward. (even though I will always need it through my days)
It is now my challenge to keep up faith, to keep up visioning that
by staying true to myself, holding a vision, we will at some point meet each other- the ones that carry a tone
that resonates with what ignites our spark in heart, body, soul.
We are here to help each other ignite the fire to fulfill our true desires and purpose.
Still I remember that the ones who are already here in my life have a crusial role to play - and may truly be my companions on different levels of life. 
As I'm sitting here in my morning quest, I feel the support in my back - envision it as beings in body.
My heart lightens and it opens me to new strength, endurance and a wide world of new opportunity.
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