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Finding at home on planet earth!

The sense of belonging - the sense of
'home' has not been easy for me on a human level. 
I have been - and still am dreaming about creating a feeling of home on Earth that reaches out to kind of everyone in line with heartbased, organic values. An open arena of mutual creativity and responsability.
My journey more and more take me into the sense of home 'in my body', in my heart and a sense of at home where I am and a more vast perception of interconnectedness ~ home on the planet.
Still the dream of a physical spot - or several spots where we can meet in person and share and grow from our center is still in my vision of how I can contribute and thrive in my time here in body.
I envision to meet up with others who also seek to listen, witness and empathize with the trials and triumphs of fellow beings 
- who seek to see the other in the light of a higher potential and support authenticity, accept imperfections,
honor the quirky corners that are our gifts to the world.
Here I may find home amongst others too, cultivate my seed,
shine and grow to contribute from the divine authenticity of my being
- and I too trust it to be true that it IS crusial that we come together now - the interconnection matters in the bigger energetical picture.
May it happen through imagination/meditation or in person, physical/online 
This I is a more exact intention I have for sharing my thinking on these pages - in this for me - sacred field.
Besides this website is a place for me to unfold the words that moves with me moving
- it be in its own right.
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