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Cosmic Clowns n' Creatives ~ earthing our thing

Cosmic Clowns n' Creatives non-happenings 
can become a reality
during AARHUS FESTIVAL 2024,
running from Friday, August 30. to Sunday, September 8.
I invite you to join this adventure ~ with your own kind of being, with each other, with the people on the street, with the surrounding landscape...
..where we keep room for each other in a common field of focus, soulpresence and heart.
..where we bring forth that which otherwise wouldn't come into being!
Together we can create a field that makes room for the subtle, the quirky, the queer; that which is your kind of truth..
Pre-meetings (will be held as sharing circles):
Friday, July 19. at 4pm
Saturday, August 3, at 2 pm
on anna's boat'n'home'n'habitat in Aarhus Træskibshavn
right next to Risskov.
(~ feel free to contact me, even if you can't make it on any of those days)
The theme of the festival this year is
- the new normal
(part of a 3 year theme: Mind the Gap)
This is calling me!
- to make visible that WE are HERE ♡
we, who in our own ways, work for a higher vibration in the world..
(..or however you experience your path) ~ we aim to reach beyond the noise of the mind, enjoy the presence, follow the now.. 
It is calling me
- to share with the ones who recognize ~
that so much happens in the presence and in the non-doing,
where there is room for stillness, but also for the movements, sounds, interactions that come from the center of our being. 
It will be a contrast to the buzziness and superficiality of the everyday scenario.
And it is an opportunity to share from the best we are – awaken life, heart and magic.
If you don't have a clue what to do.. how to dress..
It's perfect!
If you have ideas or just a hunch..
It's perfect!
At the pre-meetings there will be time to share, listen, find inspiration and process in a responsive circle.
The idea is that each of us gets the opportunity to step into how 'I' can participate.
That we support each other when needed.
And we aim to find a simple structure in which everyone can see themselves.
Maybe it feels like familiar territory to you 
or maybe you've never done anything like this before.
It is for everyone who feels drawn!
PLEASE CONTACT ME HERE if you wish to join the circle or if you're interested, but cannot come.

Heartly welcome 🙏🏼
 hannah  ~ quirky starlight

#worldwork #powerofpresence #cosmiccraft
#subtlearticism #beyondnormal | Sukkertoppen, Søhøjlandet, Midtjylland - DENMARK