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June 2022
They tell us we need roots.
Roots to root ourselves. Roots to grow.
What IF growth is in the heart!?
What if oceans are wild!?
And we are not here to control our destiny!

When you are deeply rooted in the ground
You can put a fence around
And tell yourself it's home.

When you are a butterfly
Wings don't burn in the sunrise
They have already burned themselves
Down to the ground
Deep in the mud
Where noone would ever look for you. 

They have already seen the sun
And dwelled in the moonshine on the river
That takes you to your destination
No matter where
No matter when
You will be there when the time comes
For you to let your new wings
Fly you into the shelter
For you!

Where you can always rest and when you're ready
Find a current of the next
Destination destined
To be there for you to arrive when
Noone else sees you
We'll be here
Not for the sunrise
Nor the set
For you
Cause you are our star
The one that shines at night
And never let go
You are the one
To unfold your wings
And fly your flight
Shine your light

This light that belongs
To the great mystery
That makes us All - makes us Everything
That colors the magic in any manifestation
That colors the sky 
Where we come from
And where we go
And where we are all One

The sky cannot flow or grow, nor blow us anywhere
The sky IS
And from this we breathe our breath
Every single one of them
And when the heart stops to beat
The breath is still here
In the big ocean of time and timelessness
THIS is where we are born
And where we flourish, blossom and thrive 
With no winter to bury us in the mud and crop our wings

And even if our bodies need water, earth and air
That which takes us into paradise
Is made from spirit
And will never ask itself
Where to go, how to be rooted.
It IS and has no destination.

Coming home here
Is of the biggest dream
And yet the most scary journey
As it breaks the mind
Awakens the fire that burned our wings
And yet it is the same fire that gave us the
New wings to bring us further to
Us waiting
Here to receive you
To honor and celebrate your being
In this adventurous story called life.

A life to be lived and explored
From every angle you feel called
It will take you to the Ocean
It will take you to the Mountain, to the Fire in your heart.
It will take you into every little cell of you
And any corner of your quirky universe
If you let it
It will show you wonders never imagined
Never planned or even thought of
Before YOU came into this being
Where YOU are the dreamer
who makes wonders never dreamed of.

Let this be the whispering
That calls you
To sing and dance and pray and play
YOUR wonders into being
As WE are one they ARE the wonders for ALL
to find our way HOME
Let yourself fly...
Enjoy your flight !
You cannot even IMAGINE 
What to come 
When you stop asking yourself 
Silly questions 
And yet
A silly question took you on this journey 
And may lead you on to more.
Just be sure to sense it all
In your cells, in every drop, in every step 
And nothing will ever be an escape
But the life of your fulfillment.

seedsofthenew.dk | Sukkertoppen, Søhøjlandet, Midtjylland - DENMARK